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  • Louise Kerrachi in a few words:

My career as a lawyer started nearly fifteen years ago in 2004 in the real estate department of the Paris office of Ashurst. I then went on to join Lefèvre Pelletier in 2007, a French firm higlhy considered for its real estate practice. In 2014, I joined Racine, another French firm with a solid reputation in real estate.

The changes that the legal world has been undergoing in these recent years combined with the strong development of legaltechs and other connected media naturally brought me to the conclusion that it was time for me to set up my own individual business.

I am a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and, as such, I take at heart to deliver a high quality of service and to always act with integrity.

I am also a member of the Franco-Indian Chamber of Commerce.

I am located in Saumur, in the Loire valley.

  • My practice area:

My practice area covers real estate law and more specifically commercial leases. I assist companies in their relocation projects with the drafting and negotiation of leases. I also assist companies for all related litigation before the courts.

I can also assist individuals who seek advice for the purchase of properties in France. I can help with the language barrier and lead you through the French real estate legal system.

  • My fee policy:
​​​​​​​Ethical rules govern the way a French lawyer can issue invoices to his clients, which you will find below.

Fees on a time-spent basis:

Fees are calculated according to the amount of time spent on a file. If you choose to be invoiced on this basis, I will provide you with an estimate of the time I consider likely to be spent at the beginning of the file, and I will keep available the time breakdown of the work in progress.

My hourly rate is of EUR 250 (VAT and costs excluded).

Fixed fees:

Fixed fees are more commonly used for litigation files. In this case, an amount is agreed with the client at the beginning of the file.

As a matter of example, I will invoice a fixed fee of EUR 2,500 (VAT and costs excluded) for proceedings to terminate a commercial lease. The work included in this fixed fee basis covers the drafting of the subpoena, and one court hearing. 

Performance fees :

Performance fees are calculated according to the advantage gained by the client. Under French law, such fees can only be invoiced in addition to fees on a time-spent basis or fixed fees. 

  • My contact details:

​​​My offices are located 9 rue Montesquieu in Saumur (49400). 

I can be reached at : (33) 2 53 85 81 44

My email address is: